The region of Apriltsi has a rich fauna

Apriltsi Fauna

Apriltsi area  is located near the national park Central Balkan National Park.

Central Balkan is a sanctuary to the most majestic symbols of nature. It is a home of  brown bear, wolf, fed deer, roe deer, chamois and the-most numerous inhabitants wild boar.

No one can imagine wildlife without birds' songs. Unless it is not wintertide, you can watch or listen to some pf the most attractive ones.
Woodpeckers are especially valuable inhabitants of the park-among them the white-ticked.
In the Balkan Peninsula it is presented by its  sub-species - Lilford's woodpecker.
Owls' mating, calls echo in the dark spring nights. In the park you can hear almost all Bulgarian owl species - eagle owl, Ural's owl, Tengmalm's owl, and even the smallest of them all - pygmy owl.
Do not make noise, chase or disturb the wild animals.
If you notice an animal, keep at a safe  distance. Be very considerate of animals with offsprings.


The ruler of the mountains is recognizable by the footprints - rear ones resemble these of a human being, but also have clearly distinctive claw prints. It inhabits woods, but goes up to the mountainous V pastures as well. About 800 Individuals live in Bulgaria and make the main body of the south European population of the species. National Park and its surrounding arеas provide the best life conditions tor bears in Bulgaria.

Being widely spread in the past, nowadays this predator-is almost entirely exterminated by the man in Europe. The species is characteristic for its social behavior - a  wolf pack consists of 5-7 individuals. Wolves could live anywhere where there is enough food. The predecessor of domestic dogs in Scandinavia, Italy and Spain already inhabits just limited areas.

The timid inhabitant of open woody areas is the smallest representative of the deer family that naturally occurs in the country. This specie's is characteristic for its graceful body, thin legs and neck. Only males have short antlers that they lose and re-grow every  yеar. There are about 700 individuals estimated in the park.

Chamois live at moderately high altitudes in mountains and inhabit steep and rocky terrain, in summer, their fur is a rich brown which turn to a light grey colour in winter. Distinct characteristic are a white face with pronounced black infraorbital stripes. Males and females have short horns which are slightly curled in the posterior direction.


It is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. It is native across much of Central Europe, the Mediterranean, including Atlas Mountains in North Africa and much of Asia as far south as Indonesia. Wild boars are active day and night, their taste, sense |of touch and hearing are well developed. Gregarious mammals, adult males living single except for the breeding season.

Astonishing for its stately figure, red deer is the second largest European deer. Hinds are fairly smaller without antlers. Stag's antlers may reach up tо 91 cm and weigh 3 kg each. Antlers are shed every year. They can grow at a rate оf 2.5 cm a day. The species is  primarily crepuscular