Seasons in Apriltsi


Apriltsi is a point of departure for a great number of picturesque routes to Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains). Being close to the National Park Central Balkan the town is a desired place for ecotourism lovers. In Ostrets Quarter you will be offered training in horse riding and in the State Game-breeding Station Rusalka in Vidima Quarter you can watch mammals and birds.In the neighbouring villages and in the town center one can stay at a house or a villa, to get to know customs and traditions of local people. Almost all modern hotels and holiday homes offer swimming pools for relaxation and coolness on hot summer days. The tourist office in Apriltsi will offer you not only hiking but also attractive horse-riding and biking tours to neighbouring - Pleven, Tuzha, Rai, Vasil Levski huts, Vodnite dupki /Water Holes/ Cave and Maragidik, Botev, Zhultec, Kostenurkata Peaks. Especially captivating are the tours to Vidima Waterfall.
Winter in the mountains of Apriltsi is a real challenge to skiers and winter sports' lovers. There is a chairlift near Pleven Hut and the walks in the town along the streets covered with snow, leave unforgettable memories.