Nature of Apriltsi


Apriltsi is a point of departure for a great number of picturesque routes to Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains).

Being close to the National Park Central Balkan the town is a desired place for ecotourism lovers. In Ostrets Quarter you will be offered training in horse riding and in the State Game-breeding Station Rusalka in Vidima Quarter you can watch mammals and birds.In the neighbouring villages and in the town center one can stay at a house or a villa, to get to know customs and traditions of local people. Almost all modern hotels and holiday homes offer swimming pools for relaxation and coolness on hot summer days. Visit Apriltsi will offer you not only hiking but also attractive horse-riding and biking tours to neighbouring - Pleven, Tuzha, Rai, Vasil Levski huts, Vodnite dupki /Water Holes/ Cave and Maragidik, Botev, Zhultec, Kostenurkata Peaks. Especially captivating are the tours to Vidima Waterfall.

In the cool wood slopes of the mountains one may often come across beech and hornbeam, as well as sycamore, Norway maple, wild service tree, cherry-tree, larch, wild pine and Austrian pine. Wolves, foxes, brown bears, wild cats, roes, rabbits, martens, hedgehogs, various species of snakes and lizards live in the forests. High in the sky above Apriltsi hawks and falcons hover, and storks and swallows build nests near the houses. Trout, barbell, chib, skobar, and siven swim in the rough waters of the Vidimska, Ostreshka and Zla Rivers. From Apriltsi you can easily reach the Central Balkan National Park whose frontier goes through the territory of the municipality. One of the nine reserves of the Park - the biosphere reserve Severen Dzhendem ( Nоthеrn Dzhendem) is among one of the attractions in the region. Just next to the town the peaks Botev (2376 m), Maragidik, Ostrets, Bukova Mogila rise up.

Nature connoisseurs arrive here to enjoy the glorious beauty of the mountain - kingdom of eagles, wild goats, and rare plants.

Severen Dzhendem Reserve is the highest located reserve in the Central Balkan National Park, protecting a highly wild, inaccessible and beautiful part of Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) around the springs of the Vidima River. The Reserve covers the northern sheer slopes of Botev Peak. Inaccessible rock belts, short and steep watersheds, peaks with counter-scarps, rock bridges, jagged rocks, precipices, a great number of waterfalls and vast flat grasslands testify to unique geological processes. Nearly 2/3 of the reserve is covered by steep century-old forests, which protect rock and forest habitats. Among these representatives are the venerable oak and oak-fir forests. Rare and endangered species have only survived in this natural citadel and nowhere else in Bulgaria. The unique community of Siberian juniper, rhodondendron and blueberry has been preserved, as well as the rare habitat of urumovoto campion.

The link with the other reserve -Dzhendema makes it a part of a vast Promised Land - sanctuary for wild goats, bears, wolfs, royal slags, roes, imperial eagles, falcon-roamers and skalolazkas. They call the reserve Dzhendem (hell), with the surrounding areas, the reserve gathers the divine beauty of nature in the waterfall Rayskoto Praskalo, the locality called Raya, Vidimskoto Praskalo waterfall... Ray Hut (Paradise) is nearby too.