Regional Feasts in Apriltsi


The people from Apriltsi preserve traditional feasts; they keep the history and the customs of mountain-dwellers alive. For centuries the crafts: woodcarving, cooperage, pottery, coppersmith's trade, fuller's trade, carpet industry, saddler's trade, knitting have been preserved in Apriltsi. Thanks to the Association of Craftsmen from the Novo Selo Valley even to this day we can enjoy the unique carved iconostases, motley traditional costumes and golden adornments, solid shepherd's knives and engraved rifles, snow-white lace covers.
Of the TRADITIONAL FEASTS, the horse races give rise to the biggest interest on St. Todor's Day. Sprees and traditional folk dancing /horo/ take place. In the Marinska Neighborhood of the Vidima Quarter kushii (horse races) are organized every year, and the winners are given prizes. The hunting teams from Apriltsi, Lagat, and neighbouring places take
part in the races. The horse races are organized in two groups: local horses and thoroughbred horses. Prizes are also given for the youngest and for the oldest participant, special prizes for participation of women, for the most stylishly dressed and attractive jockey and for the most self-willed and unbridled horse.
St. Nicholas' Day (06 December) is one of the biggest winter holidays, cherished a lot by the mountain-dwellers. A widely spread custom in Apriltsi on St. Ivan's Day is to "invite" the godfather to a ring-shaped bun, pork rib and fillet, sausage,
and banitsa (cheese pasty). Newly-married couples kiss his hand and ask for his forgiveness.
On the Day of Fruitgrower on 22 March coming of spring is celebrated in Ostrets Quarter - a plum tree is trimmed ritually and a feast programme is organized. In Ostrets there are two annual fairs. The traditional fair and feast of the Ostrets1 Community Centre is organized in July in the region of Kiryak, and the Balkan Fair in September, which is devoted to the art of singing in all genres. Especially popular in recent years has been the National Folklore Fair "Sparkles from the Past", held in the Quarter of Novo Selo in October.
Professional teams and groups for authentic folklore take part in it. Participants present the wealth and beauty of Bulgarian songs and dances and also demonstrate forgotten customs.
In Apriltsi May Festivities in honour of the Novo Selo Uprising, the fest of the town, St. Petko's Day in October, and the patron saint's days of all churches in the town are highly respected