Apriltsi eco path Following the footsteps of the Balkan people

Apriltsi eco trail

A marked trail takes you to one of the most interesting protected areas in Bulgaria and introduces to you Central Balkan National Park. These lands have been known as the cradle ( Bulgarian traditions and culture. The route trail „Following the Footsteps of the Balkan People interprets the proud mountain residents and tells you about their settlements and lifestyle culture and traditions.

.Following the Footsteps of the Balkan People" crosses „Stokite" park region of Central Balkan National Park. The trail starts at the influx of Praskalska river and Turkish dol river, around 840 meters above sea level and goes up to 1 372 meters along Turkish rut. When yot reach the highest point of the trail - the Turkish rut meadow, you will see one of the stunning 360° panoramic views in Central Balkan to the series of peaks named Russalka, Ushite, Botev, Zhaltetz, Kostenurkata and Kupena to the valley of Apriltsi.

Here the path forks into two routes. The first one goes through a beech forest and reaches the shelter of Turkish dol locality, where the path joins the route named „Svinovete - the memorial of Tzanko Dyustabanov". and on a common path-bed goes back to its initial point -the watershed of the rivers Praskalska and Turkish dol.

The other route continues on the edge of the hill, crosses Turkish dol leftwards, goes into an old beech-fir forest then out to the crest where levels away and then slightly goes down to the locality of Svinovete. There the path forks - the one part leads to the shelter of Turkish dot locality and to the beginning of the trail, and the other part leads to the memorial of Tzanko Dyustabanov.

The route is about 9.5 km. Duration - 6 hours. Difficulty - medium.

Not recommended in winter.